Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Am

I am.....
wife, mother, daughter, sister, student, teacher, workerbee, butt-wiper extrodinairre (but only to my 2 and 3 year olds;), chef, maid, servant, happy, sad, scared, overwhelmed, stressed, inconsolable, overworked, underpaid, exhausted, in love, talented, scatterbrained, intelligent, ditzy, frustrated, furious, nice, considerate, fat, lazy, absentminded, poor, insignificant, insecure, confident, positive, negative, a procrastinator, frantic, calm, somebody, nobody, honest, deceptive, satisfied, unsatisfied, a dreamer, a realist, accepting, a dork, cool, right, wrong, sorry, empathetic, embarassed, proud, eager, sweet, loving, insane in the membrane, needy, independant, stubborn, controlling, used, gullible, mean, beautiful, ugly, hurt, seamstress, organized, unorganized, packrat, quiet, loud, singer, spazzoid, funny, humorless, impatient, fast, slow, witty, alive, irreplacable;), forgettable, persistent, a failure, a winner, human.
This is me.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

So very wrong...

Warning: Close friends and family members may want to skip reading this particular post as it deals with parts of my past that you do not know about and do not necessarily want to know about, but it is a post that I feel compelled to write after recent events in the news.

Ok, now that I have gotten that disclosure out of the way, on with my topic...

I have a problem, a MASSIVE problem with the recent arrest, and more importantly, the outcry for the release of Roman Polanski.
For those that are unaware, after 30 years of living a free, high life, fugitive Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland and is to be extradited to the U.S. because of a rape he committed to a 13 year old girl.
Now, celebrities, directors, producers, etc are coming out in Polanski's DEFENSE saying that he should NOT be extradited and forced to face a sentence for this heinous crime that was committed so long ago!!! My first thoughts? What the fuck???!!! The man RAPED a 13 year old girl! Is there some privilege in Celebrityland that allows celebrities to do as they please, even if that means raping a CHILD?! It disgusts me beyond belief that celebrities such as Debra Winger, Whoopi Goldberg, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Harvey Weinstein, Pedro Almodóvar and Ethan Coen are all coming to this monster's defense because of so many reasons that don't matter! He has had a successful film career? SO THE FUCK WHAT? It's been so long ago that this happened? EVEN MORE OF A TRAVESTY! It wasn't "rape-rape" according to Whoopi Goldberg? FIRST off, even if it HAD been consensual (which it was NOT as documented in the court papers!), it is STILL rape because a 13 year old girl is in no way capable of having REAL consensual sex with an old man! This is why they call it rape, even if the CHILD agreed... But this child DID NOT agree to what this monster did to her! He drugged her and wouldn't stop even though she told him to stop, don't touch her, she even tried to get away and he wouldn't let her!
BUT, apparently since he has made successful films, it's ok. Let's just let him be free because he has had a rough life. Clearly it was terribly rough for him as he lived in Europe and continued to make films. Rough, rough life. I wonder, had the sicko that held Jaycee Dugard captive from the time she was 11 until she was 29, if HE was a filmmaker or other type of celebrity, would this have been ok?
I'm not one to normally rant and rave over things which I really cannot change and have no say in, but as a victim of child rape, I am really compelled to write about this situation. In my case, my monster never stood trial on this earth because I let him get away with it. I was a child, only 10, and I was too afraid to ever tell anyone. It was a family friend and in the years following the assault I stuck close to my parents and was never alone with the bastard again. My parents had no idea, always thought he was such a nice man because he always brought "gifts" for me. I was sickened by the whole situation but was always too afraid to reveal the truth. Now? Lord it has been too long. The bastard is dead and gone, so I know he faced judgment for what he did and I am at peace with that, but I will still never tell my parents because all it will do is hurt them now. So I hold it in, only very few people have known about it up to this point. Let me say, when I say I am "at peace" with it, I mean I am at peace with the fact that God had judged him. Not with what he did to me. I'll never be OK, I'll always be a little fucked up over what he did to me, But I do know that I was a victim, not at fault for his crime.
I know the victim in the Polanski rape doesn't want to open up this old wound, but it is still a wound and will always be because of this awful thing that this demon did to her when she was a child. People who say he is only accused? Nope, not really. He signed a plea deal admitting guilt, so we cannot say he hasn't been convicted of a crime. The pussy skipped out on his sentencing because he was AFRAID they wouldn't honor the plea deal he agreed to? Nope, I don't buy that as an excuse.
So who is right? Well, me of course cuz this is my blog and you're just visiting it;) But honestly, in the end, this demon will be judged by the only one that matters. Hopefully sooner rather than later... oh wait, did I just say that "out loud"?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Here I am, thanks to Legolas!

Who? What? Well, Legolas is my cat. He is a sweet cat that is all white and he is sweet, did I mention he is sweet? This is important, because if he weren't sweet? Dude would be out the door and I mean yesterday! Patty, you ask, what the hell are you talking about? Well this wonderful furball has recently decided that, like dogs do for their owners (I hear, my dogs don't actually do this though!) he MUST wake me up at 5:30 in the morning, if by chance I am not already up!!! Normally, this wouldn't be an issue because the babies are ALWAYS up like friggin clockwork! But today? Well let's just say Lego is on my list, and it ain't the good one! It is now 7:34, I have been up (thank you, Mr. Meows so loudly his cuteness/sweetness is only going to get him so far, cat!) since 5:30. But the babies? STILL SLEEPING, as SHOULD I be! The only bright side is that here I sit and I can fill you in on the going's on in mc-mommyland!


Poor little Mia got sick on Monday night. By Tuesday night I knew I was likely looking at the possibility of missing work the next day as daycares aren't exactly warm to the idea of sick kids being left there. Luckily, I have a great boss who is understanding and I stayed home on Wednesday to tend to my 20lb wonder (my little nickname for the girl who won't gain weight! It took her until 24 months of age to hit the 20lb mark and she just can't seem to get any heavier! The underweight issue, she totally gets it from me.....NOT!). Anyways, nothing like waiting to call the Dr. because your little on is VERY sick (coughing, fever, sullen face gives her away) and then getting a text from a bitchy coworker who is pissed because she is now forced to make 1 retainer... REALLY? But that is a whole 'nother story! Ok, to my point, she got to see HER Dr (which always reassures me because Dr. Irwin is the bestest Pediatrician in the whole entire world!) and we found out the poor baby has pneumonia!!! Holy cough Batman, pneumonia?! That wasn't something I expected, sooo very happy I got her in NOW and before it got WORSE! Little princess really has suffered enough in her short life w/ her acid reflux and hernia she had as an infant, poor baby! So, out came the baby monitors again (thank God I still have them!) as I was freaking out that she would struggle to breath while sleeping and how would I know???

She is doing better now. Still has the terrible cough, but fever free since starting the antibiotics so hopefully it will be gone soon!

The other kids?

Well, pretty sure AJ is coming down with something as he keeps saying he feels sicky and is more whiny then a cold cellar in Napa Valley! Yep, something probably brewing!

Ashlynn? Ya, sure, you betcha, she seems to think she is sick too. It has seemed as though she was trying to cough like Mia, but maybe there is really something there too? Ay Dios mio, what's a mc-mommy to do???

On the bright side, my little 20lb wonder? No longer!!! She's now a 21lb wonder!!! This, my friends is a triumphant milestone for my sweet little "mitchit" (she calls herself a "mitchit", she is really saying "princess", but if you don't know it certainly sounds exactly like "midget", which she kinda is;)

So, this message has been brought to you because of a noisy, naughty kitty! I guess I should say thank you to Legolas, but that is not exactly how I am feeling right now! Mia is up now, so gotta go!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My sweet little lady...

This past week was all about my oldest daughter, Ashlynn. She turned 10, which I find absolutely impossible to believe! But here we are, 10 years after the birth of my special Angel! Today's blog, as you may have guessed, is dedicated to this beautiful ray of sunshine!

The day we met, I felt like I knew her forever already!

As the years have passed, she has always been my little sidekick, my constant source of joy in an often cruel world.

Well, I know the approaching years will be full of, um, drama! For now, though, I will just enjoy every minute that she actually likes me! Hell, I'll grin and bear it as the teenage years approach, but as long as she knows that I love her no matter what, we will get through any of the drama!

For this, her 10th birthday, I was able to do something so incredible for her, that I knew she would just love! I got her tickets to the Jonas Brother's concert! And to top it off, I kept her home from school and we went to a special kickball game featuring the Jonas Brother's VS. Johnjay and Rich (my morning radio show)!

Despite the wretched heat, we had a great time! Front row so she could get a good look at the love of her life, Nick Jonas!

Unfortunately, her dream of him seeing her and falling madly in love and them living happily ever after did not happen! BUT, she did have a great time. By the time we were at the concert, she had proclaimed this to be the "best day of my life", such a profound statement from an old 10 year old!

I certainly hope that she holds these memories close to her heart, I know I will!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Knee deep

Here I sit, my head on the brink of exploding. No, I am not exaggerating, it truly may explode, then you might actually feel bad about doubting me, huh? No, really, I do believe I need to find some way to release this stress that I feel, but there really is nothing. Work out? Sounds like a great idea were it not for this headache, did I mention how bad it is?
So as you may or may not know, times have been tough here (understatement) for our family. Shit, my whole life has been pretty much a great big turd. I'm not complaining, because I really do believe that everything that we go through in life builds us into the type of people that we are. So I would really not go back and change my life, really. Bright spots? Of course I have them, 4 of them in my life to be exact. My husband, well, let's just say that had it not been for him my life would have most likely taken a much darker path. I was a "good girl", while being raised amongst much evil. I had to be a "good girl" or Joe would have wanted nothing to do with me if I even tried to go down the path I would have been headed. And, let's face it, I wouldn't be here in this world with my amazing children if my life wasn't just exactly how it is!
Most of the time, I am able to keep a great, positive attitude. I once worked for this arrogant jerk (I'm not the only one with this opinion of him, and no, he's not the one that fired me last year) that would say in the morning that attitude is the only thing you can fake in this job. I do try to live like that. I know that there's not a lot you can fake in life, but your attitude is definitely one of the things you can fake. And frankly? If you fake it enough, it can actually turn happy. So I do. It's only every now and then, like now, when I let darkness creep in and I do let myself feel hopeless, although only for a little while. That's where I am right now, in the darkness. Wondering why I even try at life? I mean really? For all that I try to do to make life go smoothly it really is anything but. So here I sit. Unlikely that I will actually share my massive problem with the word. Unreal really that I am writing this much, but what the hell, here it is! Today, life =shit, tomorrow I'm sure is another day and I'll be in a better place. I have to be, my little girl is going to be 10 tomorrow, so I know that will be a brighter day for me!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A day late and a dolla short!

Leave it to me. I have this absolute, wonderful knack for doing things in the most complicated, difficult way possible! This is the story of my life. I never take the shortest distance between two points, the straight line. Oh, no, I have to find the most difficult way to get from one point to the other, then I see if I can complicate it even more!
So, as I blogged about in my "I'm BAAAAACK" post, I have realized that just because I am no longer what I might consider young, I am going to fulfill my career dream and do what I really want to do. Yup, unfortunately I didn't exactly decide this in enough time to actually get the start that I had intended. As is true to my fashion, I waited too long to make this decision and have found that the school I am registered for classes in for fall (and where my financial aid is set up to go through) DOES NOT offer the 1 class I need to take!!! Of course!!!! So brainy Patty thinks I can just register somewhere else and keep in my classes at Rio, but this would not be possible because I would have to pay for the class NOW in order to be in it (not even in the realm of possibility as my money tree out back has no leaves on it!) and it is too late to transfer the financial aid info!!! OF COURSE!!! So here I am, It will take yet ANOTHER year to get where I wanna be! But this, I guarantee... I will not, I repeat, I WILL NOT let this get me down or put me in a tailspin. It is what it is. It is me. It is how I roll, the hard way, but it is what it is nonetheless!
Maybe, just maybe, someday I will do things smart. Maybe someday I will just set a plan into action and do it the right way! Until then, I'll just keep on keepin on I guess!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Sweeties!

Today, I present the reason for my life...

Friday, July 24, 2009


Where have you been?
I've looked for you forever and a day..
Where have you been?
I'm just not myself when you're away..
No, I'm just not myself when you're away.
This is a song that I don't think is very well known, but it is a song I LOVE by Kathy Matea. It's old, but whenever I put it in my CD player, I usually sing it at the top of my lungs over.. and over.. and over again. Well, this is how I have felt lately, about myself. Where have I been?
Right around the time my sweet little Amylia was born, it "dawned on me" that I would never be able to complete my career goal. I had been working towards a goal for myself since around 1998.
Even when my first child, Ashlynn was born, I continued in school to reach my goal. Let me be specific... Ashlynn was due on August 13th, 1999, but I wanted to have her as early as possible (and of course, no earlier than would be healthy for her!) because the fall semester at ASU West (and my first semester there!) was to start August 20th. Well, despite my best laid plans, Ashlynn came when SHE wanted, not on my schedule! I did EVERYTHING to try to start labor starting around August 5th. I walked. And walked. And walked. Don't ask because yes, I tried that. I even tried the whole "castor oil" trick, mixing it with root beer. Disgusting! I couldn't drink root beer for about 5 years after that! Advice for anyone wanting to try that? Don't do it. It did nothing to make me start labor. Nothing worked! So after being induced, having labor for 15 hours, Ashlynn was born by caesarean on August 11th, 1999. I still started school on August 20th, and damn that was hard! I wasn't even cleared to drive yet, but here I was on campus by the first day of school! The reason I did it is because I KNEW that if I even took a semester off, I would probably never complete my education. I continued on and received my Bachelors degree at the same time as my husband, with our 2 year old Ashlynn there at the ceremony! This was step one towards my career goal.
I kept working (as I have done full time since I was 15 years young) and chugged along knowing that the next step was to come soon. Well, then a few years went by and I realized that if our family were to expand any more, it needed to happen now, not once I was back in school. I also knew that if we waited until after school was complete, Ashlynn could very well be so far apart from a new baby, and that large of an age gap seemed like something I did not want. So we began to try for another baby. Along came Adrian! Now our family was pretty much complete, right? I got an IUD because who knew, maybe we would want to have another baby after my education was complete, right?
Adrian was 9 months old when I found out I was pregnant with Amylia (when my husband realized he had super sperm!!). Shock is one way to describe how I felt! Never upset though, this little miracle was meant to be! Clearly I was meant to be the one to bring this little lady into the world! Along came Amylia. This was two years ago.
It was sometime after she was born that I realized that it would be impossible for me to continue on the path I had started down so long ago. I made a back up plan and got started on this back up. Not a bad plan, really. I have always been interested in healthcare and would love to go into nursing, so a nurse it is, that's what I'll do! The negative part is that I do not need a Bachelors degree for this and it really did nothing for me if I become a nurse. I hate to think that maybe all of that education and $ in financial aid pretty much goes to waste, but I have to do SOMETHING with my life so on with it and I was off to see what I needed to do to become a nurse. I have been pursuing this goal now for about a year.
I realized yesterday that this plan = me... quitting. Giving up on my dreams. I think the reason I actually gave up on myself is that I was scared. I think I gave up on myself and thought I couldn't actually cut it. This is not me. This is not how I live my life. So guess what? I'm BAAAACK!! What the HELL was I thinking??? SO WHAT if I am already in my (early!) thirties? SO WHAT if it will be hard to get to the end of this journey? I'm PRACTICALLY there, really! So here goes, all I need is to take 1 class (that's all!) and take A test (the DAT) and I can apply to dental school to become Dr. McKelvey. I will likely continue on and specialize in Orthodontics as I have been an ortho assistant for over 13 years now so that would be using my talents in a smart way.
I know I'm not there yet, it will be a long and hard journey, but where I am now is simply spinning my wheels and the last thing I want is to wake up at age 50 and wish I had gone to dental school, realize that I am 50 something and I still am knee deep just barely surviving. So wish me luck, because if I DON'T make it, it won't be because I gave up.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

California dreamin...

Amylia's footprint ............. Adrian's footprint

Was it only a dream? It can't be real that only a few weeks ago this family was enjoying the beautiful California weather! Maybe this hell we are now living (let's face it people, 115º is pretty equal to Hell in my opinion!) is the dream, or should I say nightmare? So yes, California is over, we are back to reality, or as close to reality as we get until the teacher goes back to school and we are thrust back into the chaos that is our life! We had a fabulous time enjoying being with each other, watching the kids who are growing up so very fast, and did I mention the weather? AHHHHH!

My goal of changing my life, and finally doing something for me, and putting my health into a priority? Well, its still just that... a goal that I do think of often, does that count for anything?

For now, enjoy our California pictures! And yes, that cowboy is trigger happy so watch out, or he'll shoot!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A brighter day

It has been 1 year. 1 year! That's right, 1 year ago my, strike that, our lives were turned upside down here in mc-mommyland. I was supposed to be on vacation, visiting my husband's family. Something, call it intuition, luck, or kismet, but something made me change my mind and back out of making the drive to California.

Out of the blue, really, I got a call from the office manager to the Orthodontic office I had worked for ALMOST 5 years (July 14 would be 5 years) to find out that they were letting me go. This was July 2nd, 2008. The office was closed for the week, everyone was off work including the Doctor, who just the week before had told me I was "golden" and had nothing to worry about for any upcoming possible lay offs. What was the most important thing on their mind? Firing Patty. What an ass he was, or maybe what an ass I was?
It did come as a complete shock, as I am the type of person who used to give everything I had of myself to my job. I used to put my job above anything else going on in my life. It came 2nd to my family, of course, but if I had to change plans to do something for the office I was more than willing because I knew it made a difference. I was wrong.
What ensued was mass chaos in our financial world. We were barely making ends meet as it was and this was the last straw. I had already been working 2 jobs, Monday-Thursday at the Ortho office, Friday-Sunday at a restaurant waitressing. We were barely making it. I had just quit a 3rd "gig" I had throwing the newspapers for a year. I needed it, but it was a LOT of work, and with the other 2 jobs and 3 kids I had gotten to a point where I knew I needed to take a leap of fate and trust that God would give us what we needed. When I was throwing the paper (300 per day every day of the week with no breaks unless I wanted to pay a sub WAY too much money to cover a day), I was really living on about 3 hours sleep per night. I did not ever let my job suffer, I was on my game when I was there and excelled more then I knew was possible. What I did let suffer was my family, or more my relationship with my family, as I was practically catatonic when I was at home. I also found that driving was getting most difficult, I could barely stay awake when sitting in any traffic. So I quit, even though we needed it, I figured I had to give my everything to the things that mattered and just take whatever life presented. One month later, boy was I in for a surprise when I got that call!

I was out of work for the longest 6 weeks of my life. I finally found a job, it paid significantly less then I had gotten myself up to, but it was a job and I was in serious need of one; not only to put food on the table but also to help my tarnished self image! I took that job and gave it all I had. I loved doing this new position, but after a few months I realized that there was no way we could sustain our life as this place kept doing pay cuts for all employees. With a heavy heart, I decided I needed to find a better job.

The night I made this decision, I stumbled upon what would be where I work now. Call it fate, destiny, or kismet, but now that I am where I am, I can't imagine ever going back to where I was a year ago! The job I am at? It's really a great, happy place to be! I no longer take any issues from work home with me and take them out on the family and am just happy when I am at work! I've got great people surrounding me and feel like I belong.

So this last year? It's been a rough one! I, as a person, have changed imensly. I was forced to look inside of myself, look into my heart, and become the person that I thought I was; that I wanted to be. I was forced to examine my friendships, my abilities, my everything. I did not, and still do not, believe that I was treated right in the whole deal. Even though I wanted to believe that I worked for a great guy, deep down I knew that he was anything but. I do not, however, hold any ill will or bad feelings about the whole situation (a few months ago, I don't know if I could have said that!). In this past year, this family has endured things I did not know we could endure. But we? Survived. We are? Stronger. Me personally? I am trying to just live every day to the fullest.

Right after everything happened, I might have said that no job was worth giving everything you have to it. Because really, when it comes down to it, the powers that be don't really give a shit about you and will cut you when it suits them. This was how I felt when I was hurt and felt my world unraveling. But now? Well, lets just say that I can't live a life where I DON'T give my everything into anything that matters. My children, the love of my life, my job, my friends, anything that matters deserves that best I have to offer.

Now, the only thing I have to change is maybe, just maybe, giving myself that same attention, and caring enough about myself to give my everything to my quest for being the best that I can be, in mind and body. I would say "wish me luck", but really, I know I don't need luck! I just have to set my mind to it and I can accomplish anything I want to, so can you! (scroll for all three photos...)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunny days!

Well, well, well! Seems like it's been so long since I've been on! For one, been enjoying LIFE! The kids absolutely make life worthwhile!
Today was Amylia's 2nd birthday party! So hard to believe that my little 20 pound bit of sunshine is actually 2 years old! My how time flies and how things in life can change in such a short amount of time! The party was mucho fun, finished the cake in THE NICK OF TIME (um, can we say 5 minutes before the party started? Yeah, that's just how I roll baby!)!!! The kids all played in the pool, had tons of fun with the pinata, overall a really good time! So that's all I've got for you today people, but wait, the long awaited for, most anticipated, finally to appear on this blog for the first time ever after the longest run on sentence probably known to mankind but damn is it fun to see how long I can go..... PHOTOS! And really, feel free to leave a comment! Gettin a complex here, I promise I won't bite!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It has begun!

It has begun. That's right folks, it may not technically be SUMMER until June 22, but it has been over 100 degrees for too many days already! It's HOT and it is pretty sucky here. Yes, that's right, sucky!
Yesterday was the officially "christening" of the pool (get your minds out of the gutter, people! I'm not taking it there, k?) Anyhoo, the whole family donned our swimsuits and hopped in the pool, some more willingly then others!! It wasn't exactly cold either, floaty thing said it was 85.
The boy child was hesitant about swimming for maybe 5 minutes, but then he was all over jumping in and swimming (with floaties of course, what do you think he is crazy??!) Eldest is a mermaid, so she was all over the place and in heaven as she loves being he mer-self. The munchkin though? Um no thank you "get me the hell out of here!!" was pretty much the place she was in. She did enjoy it in the end, and I'm sure her favorite part was when we got out and I swaddled her in a warm towel!
And so it begins, before we know it the water will be in the upper 90's and suddenly not so refreshing! It is what it is so we must enjoy it now while we can!
What do you do for fun in the summer? Outside of traveling to cooler climates (CALIFORNIA!!!), swimming is all I got! My babies aren't exactly "Movie Theater Friendly" so that is out!
Ok, now for the promise...
I, Patty McMommy does (doth? do?) hereby promise that for my next post... are you ready for this?... I WILL do it... I WILL post photos!!!!! Gotta keep ya comin back for more!!!!
Until next time....

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's almost summer, so here in the wonderful AZ (A.K.A HELLLLL!) it is becoming blistering hot! Yippee, yes that is sarcasm you may sense! I know it is supposed to be exciting and all with school getting out soon (yeah, whateves, mommy still has to work!), and I have to admit that having a teacher for a hubby sucks in the summer. I mean really. Oh don't get me wrong, I love that he gets that one on one time with the kids! They get a stay at home parent for a couple of months out of the year and that is awesome, but when that damn alarm clock goes off (WAY TOO EARLY!) and everyone else is left home sleeping in their beds while mommy goes to work... well let me tell you I don't think happy thoughts towards my hubby! But on the other hand, I don't dislike work, quite the opposite actually! I enjoy it, but dear Lord WHY must the world start moving so early in the morning?? People may be out there with the movement to legalize pot, me? I'm wanting to start a movement to BAN mornings!! No one should be able to leave their houses before, say, 9:30? Whatdya think??? You with me??
So yes, my husband is looking forward to his summer, even if it is spent here in HELLLL. This is the time of year when he starts telling me how we need to move to Oregan "cuz it's nice there". He enjoys his time with the kids but with the three of them all summer? Oh yeah, he will go ape shit CRAZY before it's all over!! Is it wrong that I get a little bit of pleasure out of that? Good, I didn't think it was wrong! I mean He's gotta suffer a little for being able to kick it all summer, right??
Now Ashlynn is ready for summer. Swimming, sleeping in, hanging out with the cool parent (Oh I am under no delusions that I am cool, nopers people daddy is the fun one!)... Ah, remember the days? Just before school let out? The excitement? The anticipation! The end of the year parties, bowling for her! So fun! But true to form I know by around July 1st she'll be bored out of her mind ready to get out of this house!! I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT and maybe will not believe she is going to be in 5th grade! She was just my little sidekick with cute little ringlets. Now she is growing up, too damned fast!
Today was the first day Joe was gonna let the kids go in the pool. I got home from work to find AJ playing in the water on the steps, still fully clothed! Amylia would have NONE OF IT! She wouldn't go near the big hole in the ground filled with water!! I was surprised because the water?? COLD! Yup, way too cold for this wuss, and last year AJ wouldn't go in it until it was like 85 degrees, so I was shocked to see him having so much fun! When he got out for dinner and I got him cleaned up, all he could talk about was having Grandpa come over and go swimming with him! He is very excited for a summer of fun with DADDY!
Yes, anticipation, that is what is driving this house right now! But me, exhaustion. I. am. sooo. tired. An I.V. of coffee would do me fine, thank you! So as my family anticipates the wonderful summer to come, I can at least get a little bit of joy in knowing that soon my husband will have as many grey hairs as me! That's something to anticipate!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Anotha day anotha dolla!

Monday, sucky Monday!  (think U2 song, but with my cool words!)
So here we are, another Monday, back to work, back to the GRIND!  Should have went to the Dr. today since I can hardly breath!  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have SWINE flu or anything, I actually FEEL GREAT, I just feel like my lungs are full-o-crap and I can't breath!  Is this what it feels like to smoke??  Just curious cuz if so I just don't see the appeal!  Oh well!
So, my babies??!!!! As soon as I get a chance to figure out this whole BLOG thing I will post pictures and videos and the whole shebang, but until then you just get my ewey gooey stories!    So I am thinking that I FINALLY have this whole thing figured out.  There is a method to who is going to be a turd at night time!  I have a 1 year old, 3 year old and 9 year old.  The 9 year old is actually an amazing helper (that's right, this one is a GIRL!), but when I get the munchkins down at 7pm, GUARANTEED one of the toddlers will fight sleep and make me go in there as often as they can.  Back to my theory... either the toddlers draw straws to decide who will be the turd, or more likely they play their version of "paper/rock/scissors"?!  Huh?  This sounds like what must be happening because ONE of them has to play the role of Turd each night! 
Now about my oldest...My lovely 9 year old helped me make a WONDERFUL pineapple upside down cake last night and it was very pleasant cooking with her!  She is right at the age where she starts getting this pre-teen attitude, ay dios mio it pisses me off!  But when she loses the attitude, what a wonderful time we share!  My goal for "us" is that we don't butt heads too much in the upcoming years!  
Ok, my first post, probably terribly boring, but really please let me know what you think!!!  I'm also on twitter @1mcmommy, tweet me and let me know if I should keep blogging or close up shop!!  Be kind though, k?  Goodnight my friends, until we meet again....

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