Sunday, May 16, 2010

Has it really been that long?

Wow, I mean really, wow people! I can't believe I haven't checked in for so long, but what can I say? No excuse really, just busy busy busy!

But enough about me...

Ok, it's actually ALL about me as this is my party so you get what I give you here ;)

So here we are, the last few weeks of school for Ashlynn and Joe, we get a little hectic as it is time to tie up any loose ends (ie: any assignments Ash has shoved in that overflowing desk of hers that never hit the teacher's desk!) and Joe finishing up his grading. Anticipation for the summer. Ah, shit, summer?! Living here in HELL, it provides less fun and more discomfort then I look forward to, but we do pretty good making the most of it! This summer holds lots of new and exciting stuff for us, so I'm busy preparing for what is to come. What, you may ask? We move very shortly after school gets out and we are very excited but have lots of work to do to prepare! How, I ask you, does one family accumulate so much crap? Lord, I am purging and dumping all that I can, packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning...

So what have you missed? Well here's the short version of what has transpired since I last posted.... I lost a job. I have a review one day where I am told I am great, there is nothing I can improve and I get a raise, then a month later I have to leave early because my little Mia got sick at school and BAM, he fires me! Yep, but really it was a job that I was very unhappy at as he was a TERRIBLE Orthodontist! I had this issue going on inside of my head where I found it so hard to place these wires that he had bent all to hell, or repositioning brackets over and over again because he was inept in his bracket placement. Oh it was the worst work that I have ever seen in my 13+ years in the field and it was not work that made me proud. This, plus the environment working with catty people that are too young and immature to get that there is so much more to life then being bitchy to others to make yourself feel good about yourself made it so difficult to be upset about losing this job. Sure, the pay was great, the whole reason I took the job in an effort to keep the house. But now that I know we are not keeping the house? SCREW IT! Money is not everything, so now I am back at the happy job that I loved before this one. The one that for the past year has been called my Monday job (cuz I just couldn't leave it when I quit because I loved it so and they loved having me work there) is now my only job again. And I am so happy about that. Not only that, I went back with the option of working whatever days I want to, so I am now working a whopping 3 days a week! Tues-Thursday! This will give me no excuse to finish up my schooling so that I can get that "Dr." before my name where it belongs!

As for the kids...

I mentioned above about Mia being sick, well she has had 2 separate ear infections this month in the same ear (that has a tube in it!) but she seems to be better now! She saw the endocrinologist again and he said that "she is not out of the woods yet" but that he still wants to just monitor her. She has grown in the past 6 months, but not as much as he would have expected. One accomplishment on her growth? I can no longer call her my 20-pound-wonder... she is NOW my 23-pound-wonder! That's right, she will be 3 years old at the end of this month and still a little peanut! LOL!

Adrian is growing like crazy and is just so amazing! He questions everything and you can literally see the wheels turning in his head as he processes the information. So smart! I love watching kids learn! He, just so happens to be sick today, so it looks like we will be making a trip to see Dr. Irwin again tomorrow. Fever, sore throat, better NOT be strep! OY!

Ashlynn? She is finishing up FIFTH GRADE!!! How does this happen so fast? I'm pretty sure she was just born a blink ago? I DO have, on film, her most recent talent show performance AND her band solo (she plays the saxophone) that I will put on here just as soon as I can! Needless to say, AMAZING, as you will see... um, soon!

Ok, and now for PICTURES!!!
A nice couple at Cracker Barrel saw the kids admiring their Harley's and let them sit on them!
The Kids at Johnny Rockets!
Ashlynn playing at the park!

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