Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's almost summer, so here in the wonderful AZ (A.K.A HELLLLL!) it is becoming blistering hot! Yippee, yes that is sarcasm you may sense! I know it is supposed to be exciting and all with school getting out soon (yeah, whateves, mommy still has to work!), and I have to admit that having a teacher for a hubby sucks in the summer. I mean really. Oh don't get me wrong, I love that he gets that one on one time with the kids! They get a stay at home parent for a couple of months out of the year and that is awesome, but when that damn alarm clock goes off (WAY TOO EARLY!) and everyone else is left home sleeping in their beds while mommy goes to work... well let me tell you I don't think happy thoughts towards my hubby! But on the other hand, I don't dislike work, quite the opposite actually! I enjoy it, but dear Lord WHY must the world start moving so early in the morning?? People may be out there with the movement to legalize pot, me? I'm wanting to start a movement to BAN mornings!! No one should be able to leave their houses before, say, 9:30? Whatdya think??? You with me??
So yes, my husband is looking forward to his summer, even if it is spent here in HELLLL. This is the time of year when he starts telling me how we need to move to Oregan "cuz it's nice there". He enjoys his time with the kids but with the three of them all summer? Oh yeah, he will go ape shit CRAZY before it's all over!! Is it wrong that I get a little bit of pleasure out of that? Good, I didn't think it was wrong! I mean He's gotta suffer a little for being able to kick it all summer, right??
Now Ashlynn is ready for summer. Swimming, sleeping in, hanging out with the cool parent (Oh I am under no delusions that I am cool, nopers people daddy is the fun one!)... Ah, remember the days? Just before school let out? The excitement? The anticipation! The end of the year parties, bowling for her! So fun! But true to form I know by around July 1st she'll be bored out of her mind ready to get out of this house!! I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT and maybe will not believe she is going to be in 5th grade! She was just my little sidekick with cute little ringlets. Now she is growing up, too damned fast!
Today was the first day Joe was gonna let the kids go in the pool. I got home from work to find AJ playing in the water on the steps, still fully clothed! Amylia would have NONE OF IT! She wouldn't go near the big hole in the ground filled with water!! I was surprised because the water?? COLD! Yup, way too cold for this wuss, and last year AJ wouldn't go in it until it was like 85 degrees, so I was shocked to see him having so much fun! When he got out for dinner and I got him cleaned up, all he could talk about was having Grandpa come over and go swimming with him! He is very excited for a summer of fun with DADDY!
Yes, anticipation, that is what is driving this house right now! But me, exhaustion. I. am. sooo. tired. An I.V. of coffee would do me fine, thank you! So as my family anticipates the wonderful summer to come, I can at least get a little bit of joy in knowing that soon my husband will have as many grey hairs as me! That's something to anticipate!

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