Monday, September 5, 2011

What's new?

Well here we are, more time has passed, everything has changed yet stayed the same all at once.  So what's been going on with you?  Me?  Well.....
The kids started school almost a month ago.  My little baby boy is in Kindergarten!!!  How the hell did that happen?????  And don't even get me started on my girl, started 7th grade!  JUNIOR HIGH!!!  And yes, because this is how my mind works.... Holy shit Mia is gonna start Kindergarten NEXT YEAR!!!  Don't get me wrong, the idea of not paying as much for daycare as we have been paying sounds like all colors of amazing, but I'm just sooooo not ready for all of this!!!  They are my BABIES! 
But, as time does, it just keeps on marching along, whether or not I am ready for it...

Ashlynn and AJ on the first day of School
... And of course Mia had to join in!!
So one would think I would have been a mess?  I sure as hell thought I would be and I just KNEW there would be tears on my part.... but there weren't!  Somehow (only God knows how really), I mustered up the strength to stay composed and I didn't even shed one single tear!  To be honest, I *almost* started flowing tears when the teacher read "The Kissing Hand" to the class.  So that is when I made my exit from the classroom, LOL!
So the kids are loving school and it's all good and all that crap.  Oh yeah, and me.. I'm in school as well.  Stupid fucking class that I will conquer (this time) or it will conquer me.  There is no in between.  I will either do this shit, or I will die trying.  Literally.  *sigh*  No I am doing ok in it, but I'm terrified to get cocky and think I'm on top of it....So I'm not going to speak of stupid class again until it is over....
My injury from my fall at the grocery store?  It's not totally healed yet.  It is finally starting to heal, but believe it or not, the ankle and knee are still swollen and the spectra of colors is still present.  Lets be honest here, it ain't pretty.  Not that my legs ever were... But now?  Not pretty.
And running?  Still not a possibility, which is absolutely killing me.  For reals.  And who would think I would miss the little things, like seriously when on earth will I ever be able to go down on my knees for anything again?  OMG, now don't go all pervy on my, sheesh, I don't mean anything like that! (or do I? LOL!)  I mean, take for instance, when I go to get a folder at work or turn on a certain computer, I used to be able to just get on my knees and do it, but not anymore.  Oh, wait, I didn't need to explain myself?  Your mind didn't go there?  Oh my.  *awkward*..
Well, still dealing with the Albertson's claim as well.  Now they are telling me that they could not find the fall on tape... very interesting as I told them the time it happened (within 20 minutes) and where it happened at.  And to check it, I went into the store and looked at the area where I fell.  Wow, 3 cameras within very close proximity of where I fell, and then a total of 5 or 6 that I could see from the area where I fell.  So I emailed them a picture of exactly where my knee hit the ground so that they can review the tapes again.  And now I wait and see...
And there you have it my friends!  My life, in a nutshell... for today at least!  Well, there *is* more that I could talk about, but I'm not gonna today, cuz that's just how I roll....

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