Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1 month down...

Well, here we are, almost 1 month down in this year!  Who has stuck to their resolutions? LOL!  As you know (or you should!), I didn't have any real "resolutions" this year, but I do believe that this will be the year that I better myself and become the person I am supposed to be.  I can't say that I know yet who that girl is (I know this is getting a little off track, but am I too old to call myself a "girl" anymore?  You know what?  Hell's no, I'll call myself a "girl" until I decide to stop!), but I do know that I have been unhappy with who I have been for a long time.  All around, not one specific thing.  So this year, I am giving myself the attention I deserve, instead of always just ignoring my needs.  Now, that doesn't mean that I am putting myself and my wants, needs, and desires above those of my children, lets not have crazy talk here!  But I have learned how to make time for myself, how not to use my kids, my life, as an excuse for why I can't make time for myself.  I have stayed on my regimen that I mentioned before, I still happily get up every morning ready to face the day at 4:30 am!  I have never ever ever (I could really go on with the ever's, but I think you get the picture, no?) been a morning person, but now I cannot sleep late, I'm ready to get up and work out!  So that has become a total habit, as have the nightly workouts, it feels so fucking good to run farther and farther, and faster and faster each night!!  I won't talk numbers because frankly I was very pissed off at my scale when I got on it yesterday, but I won't let it get me down, instead I will just go back to staying off of the scale and not worry about what that bitch has to say!
I have a long way to go, but hopefully at some point this year, I will be able to look at myself and be happy with the person that I see, knowing that she is taking care of herself and is truly happy.
.....and for the kids....
Of course I have new pictures of them!!!!  We recently went to the snow in Flagstaff and they had a BLAST sledding and playing in the snow!  So behold, the Mc-kiddo's fun snow day.....

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