Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holy Sh!T !!!

Well, this is a first for me.....
Christmas is in, what, less then 10 days? Oh my, and HOLY SHIT!!! Freakout will commence very shortly! You see, my preferred method to preparing for Christmas includes me beginning to shop in August or September, taking it slowly. Then, for Black Friday, I get my ass out there (oh yes, I have stood in many a line at 3am to get that awesome deal that awaits!) in the crazy hours that are Black Friday, and I finish up on that day. Maybe I have 1 or two more gifts to buy before Christmas, but no rush really.
Here I am, uncomfortably close to Christmas and would you believe that I have purchase 0 (yes, that would be a ZERO) gifts thus far!!!! WTF???!!! Well, lets be honest here, this has not exactly been a year of happy happy joy joy when it comes to the big financial picture. I have to admit, had things not just recently turned around I don't know that a Christmas would even be possible for us this year, so I am incredibly greatful to the turn of events that has put us in a better place. And this weekend, we will be shopping and getting ready to play santa, but HOLY SHIT, Christmas is so close and I don't want to be out shopping the Saturday before Christmas and OMG I am mucho overwhelmed by the incredibly late start that I am getting for this season!!!
And? For the record, I KNOW that Christmas isn't just about giving gifts to your kids, but who doesn't want to give their kids the kind of memories they deserve? I don't mean spoiling the kids rotten, as I have no intention of doing this. To be honest, I am this close ---><--- to not having Santa come for certain little children who don't seem to behave, thinking that even though Santa knows if they are being naughty they will still receive gifts! I have never done this, but wow, let's just say boys are a different breed!!! LOLOLOL! Nah, my kiddos are good..... as long as mommy is not around!! LOL!
Sooooo, if you are out and about on Saturday, shopping, and you see someone hyperventilating into a paper bag? Yeah, that's prolly me;)
And If I'm not back again before Christmas? ¡Feliz Navidad!

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