Saturday, August 15, 2009

My sweet little lady...

This past week was all about my oldest daughter, Ashlynn. She turned 10, which I find absolutely impossible to believe! But here we are, 10 years after the birth of my special Angel! Today's blog, as you may have guessed, is dedicated to this beautiful ray of sunshine!

The day we met, I felt like I knew her forever already!

As the years have passed, she has always been my little sidekick, my constant source of joy in an often cruel world.

Well, I know the approaching years will be full of, um, drama! For now, though, I will just enjoy every minute that she actually likes me! Hell, I'll grin and bear it as the teenage years approach, but as long as she knows that I love her no matter what, we will get through any of the drama!

For this, her 10th birthday, I was able to do something so incredible for her, that I knew she would just love! I got her tickets to the Jonas Brother's concert! And to top it off, I kept her home from school and we went to a special kickball game featuring the Jonas Brother's VS. Johnjay and Rich (my morning radio show)!

Despite the wretched heat, we had a great time! Front row so she could get a good look at the love of her life, Nick Jonas!

Unfortunately, her dream of him seeing her and falling madly in love and them living happily ever after did not happen! BUT, she did have a great time. By the time we were at the concert, she had proclaimed this to be the "best day of my life", such a profound statement from an old 10 year old!

I certainly hope that she holds these memories close to her heart, I know I will!

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